A list of community contributed help- and troubleshooting guides and other articles about grocy

Articles / written tutorials

Installing Bleeding Edge grocy on Raspberry Pi OS (Debian 11)

Arch Linux installation script

How to install grocy on FreeNas FreeBSD 11.3 Jail using nginx

grocy >= 2.6.1 subdirectory installation (Apache)

grocy >= 2.6.1 subdirectory installation (nginx)

How to install inside LXC container (Alpine Linux)

Securing grocy-desktop for the internet with a nginx reverse proxy

How to install on Ubuntu 16.04 using Apache

Install grocy in cPanel

Minimal Ubuntu 20.04 system setup with nginx, grocy > 2.6.0, php 7.4

Example nginx/PHP-FPM config from the official demo instance (incl. reverse proxy)

Error message "Undefined function mime_content_type()"

Automating your shopping list with Home Assistant and grocy

Nie wieder Lebensmittel wegschmeißen – dank grocy

Manage your home stocks like a pro with grocy and a Raspberry Pi

Setting up Grocy on Caddy with Let’s Encrypt Support

Video tutorials

BitBastelei #485 - grocy: Übersicht im Kühlschrank

grocy - a Web-Based Self-Hosted Groceries and Household Management Solution for your Home

How to Install Grocy on Docker Using Portainer

grocy Übersicht