Changelog & release history


New feature: Price history per store

  • Define stores under master data
  • New product option to set the default store
  • Track on purchase/inventory in which store you bought the product (gets prefilled by the last store you purchased the product, or the default store of the product if you never bought it)
  • => The price history chart on the product card shows a line per store
  • (Thanks @immae and @kriddles)

Recipe fixes

  • Fixed a PHP notice on the recipes page when there are no recipes (thanks @mrunkel)

Calendar fixes

  • Fixed that the "Share/Integrate calendar (iCal)" button did not work (thanks @tsia)

API improvements

  • The endpoint /stock/products/{productId}/locations now also returns the current stock amount of the product in that loctation (new field/property amount) (thanks @Forceu)

General & other improvements

  • New config.php setting FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_BEST_BEFORE_DATE_FIELD_NUMBER_PAD which activates the number pad for best-before-date fields on (supported) mobile browsers (useful because of shorthands) (defaults to true) (thanks @Mik-)
  • Enhancements for the camera barcode scanner (thanks @Mik-)
    • The light button only displayed when the device has a flash light
    • New config.php setting FEATURE_FLAG_AUTO_TORCH_ON_WITH_CAMERA to always enable the flash light automatically
    • Various display/CSS improvements
  • Prerequisites (PHP extensions, critical files/folders) will now be checked and properly reported if there are problems (thanks @Forceu)
  • Improved the the overview pages on mobile devices (main column was hidden) (thanks @Mik-)
  • Optimized the handling of settings provided by data/settingoverrides files (thanks @dacto)

!! Important notice

If you run grocy in a subdirectory, you need to set a new config.php setting (BASE_PATH, see config-dist.php)

Stock fixes

  • Fixed purchase/consume/inventory problems when FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_LOCATION_TRACKING was set to false
  • Fixed that products on the Location Content Sheet were not ordered by the product name

Shopping list improvements/fixes

  • Added an option to hide the month-calendar (in the shopping list settings / top right corner settings menu) (defaults to disabled, so please enable this option if you still want to have the month-calendar on the shopping list)
  • Optimized the new compact view (there was a little too much white space at the sides of the page)
  • Added an option to not switch to the new compact view on mobile devices automatically (in the shopping list settings / top right corner settings menu) (defaults to false, so no changed behavior when not configured) (thanks @Forceu)
  • Fixed that the "Shopping list to stock workflow" did not work when FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_BEST_BEFORE_DATE_TRACKING was set to false

Recipe improvements/fixes

  • Optimized the ordering of the inputs on the recipe ingredient edit page (moved "Only check if a single unit is in stock" before the amount)
  • Variable ingredient amounts are now marked accordingly on the renedered recipe
  • After selecting a recipe on mobile devices, the page now automatically scrolls to the recipe card
  • Added the recipes base servings to be displayed on the recipe card and properly named the servings column in the recipes list/table (thanks @kriddles)
  • Added that recipe ingredients can now also be displayed grouped by the products product group (additionally to the ingredient group, new option in the recipes settings / top right corner settings menu) (defaults to false, so no changed behavior when not configured) (thanks @kriddles)
  • Fixed that when editing a recipe ingredient which had "Only check if a single unit is in stock" set, not any quantity unit could be picked and the amount stayed empty
  • Fixed that when reloading the "new recipe"-page (or when it gets auto-reloaded due to "Auto reload on external changes" is enabled), for each reload a new recipe was created
  • Fixed that the recipe "fullscreen card" was not correctly displayed
  • Fixed that nested recipes showed all ingredients of the nested recipes twice
  • Fixed that when displaying or consuming a recipe from the meal plan the serving amount was maybe wrong (was the one from the recipe instead the one from the meal plan entry) (thanks @kriddles)
  • Fixed that the stock fulfillment counts on the recipe card were maybe wrong if that recipe was also added to the meal plan (thanks @kriddles)
  • Fixed that the recipe page was reloaded when expanding a collapsed row on mobile (thanks @Mikhail5555)

Meal plan improvements

  • Improved that all add-dialogs can be submitted by using ENTER and that the next input is automatically selected after selecting a recipe/product
  • Added an edit button to all types of meal plan entries
  • When adding a recipe, the serving amount is now prefilled with the one of the selected recipe (thanks @kriddles)
  • Fixed that the meal plan not used the full height on mobile devices

Calendar fixes

  • Fixed to only include events when the corresponding feature flag is enabled (e. g. don't show expiring products when FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_BEST_BEFORE_DATE_TRACKING is set to false) (thanks @kriddles)
  • Fixed that the calendar not used the full height on mobile devices

API improvements/fixes

  • The endpoint /chores now also includes the chore name (new field chore_name) (thanks @DarienFord)

General & other improvements/fixes

  • Big backend performance improvements (thanks @zebardy)
  • Added a button to enable the device flash light on the camera barcode scanner popup (thanks @radim-ek)
  • Optimized the top navbar height and overall spacing to waste less space
  • Replaced the scan-mode-switch-button by a native button because it's less disturbing
  • Fixed that the "contextual time ago" of date/time pickers was not displayed
  • New translations: (thanks all the translators)

New feature: Transfer products between locations and edit stock entries

  • New menu entry in the sidebar to transfer products (or as a shortcut in the more/context menu per line on the stock overview page)
  • New button "Stock entries" in the header of the stock overview page (or as a shortcut in the more/context menu per line) to show the detail stock entries behind each product
    • From there you can also edit the stock entries
  • (A huge THANK YOU goes to @kriddles for the work on this feature)

New feature: Scan mode

  • Just scan one product after another, no manual input required and audio feedback is provided
  • New switch-button on the purchase and consume page
  • When enabled
    • The amount will always be filled with 1 after changing/scanning a product
    • If all fields could be automatically populated (means for purchase the product has a default best before date set), the transaction is automatically submitted
      • If not, a warning is displayed and you can fill in the missing information
    • Audio feedback is provided after scanning and on success/error of the transaction
  • => Quick video demo:

New feature: Self produced products

  • To a recipe a product can be attached
    • This products needs a "Default best before date"
  • On using "Consume all ingredients needed by this recipe" and when it has a product attached, one unit of that product (per serving in purchase quantity unit) will be added to stock (with the proper price based on the recipe ingredients)
  • (Thanks @kriddles for the intial work on this)

New feature: Freeze/Thaw products

  • New product options "Default best before days after freezing/thawing" to set how the best before date should be changed on freezing/thawing
  • New location option "Is freezer" to indicate if the location is a freezer
  • => When moving a product from/to a freezer location, the best before date is changed accordingly
  • There is also a new sub feature flag FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_PRODUCT_FREEZING to disable this if you don't need it (defaults to true)

Stock improvements/fixes

  • The productcard gets now also refreshed after a transaction was posted (purchase/consume/etc.) (thanks @kriddles)
  • The product field calories (kcal) now also allows decimal numbers
  • On the inventory page, "New amount" is now prefilled with the current stock amount of the selected product
  • Fixed that entering partial amounts was not possible on the inventory page (only applies if the product option "Allow partial units in stock" is enabled)
  • Fixed that on purchase a wrong minimum amount was enforced for products with enabled tare weight handling in combination with different purchase/stock quantity units
  • Fixed that the productcard did not load correctly when FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_LOCATION_TRACKING was set to false (thanks @kriddles)
  • Fixed that the "Add as barcode to existing product" workflow did not work twice when not switching the page inbetween

Shopping list improvements/fixes

  • Added a compact view to have a better shopping list for shopping trips (new button "Compact view" in the header, additionally this is automatically enabled on mobile devices / when screen width is < 768 px)
  • It's now possible to filter for only undone (not striked through) items (new option in the "Filter by status" dropdown)
  • Fixed that when FEATURE_FLAG_SHOPPINGLIST_MULTIPLE_LISTS was set to false, the shopping list appeared empty after some actions

Recipe improvements

  • When consuming a recipe and if an ingredient is not in stock, but that product has any subproduct which is in stock, this gets now consumed (before consuming was not possible in that case)
  • When adding or editing a recipe ingredient, a dialog is now used instead of switching between pages (thanks @kriddles)

Meal plan improvements/fixes

  • It's now possible to add notes per day (in the dropdown of the add button in the header of each day column)
  • It's now possible to products directly (also in the dropdown of the add button in the header of each day column, maybe useful in combination with the new "Self produced products" feature)
  • Added that the calories per serving are now also shown
  • Added that the total costs and calories per day are displayed in the header of each day column
  • Added a new config.php setting MEAL_PLAN_FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK which can be used to start the meal plan on a different day (defaults to CALENDAR_FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK, so no changed behavior when not configured)
  • Fixed that when FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_PRICE_TRACKING was set to false, prices were still shown (thanks @kriddles)
  • Fixed that the week costs were missing for the weeks 1 - 9 of a year

Calendar improvements

  • Improved that meal plan events in the iCal calendar export now contain a link to the appropriate meal plan week in the body of the event (thanks @kriddles)

Task fixes

  • Fixed that a due date was required when editing an existing task

API improvements/fixes

  • The endpoint /stock now includes also the product object itself (new field/property product) (thanks @gsacre)
  • The endpoint /stock/products/{productId}/entries can now include stock entries of child products (if the given product is a parent product and in addition to the ones of the given product) - new query parameter include_sub_products (defaults to false so no changed behavior when not supplied)
  • New endpoints for the new stock transfer & stock entry edit capabilities
  • Fixed that the route /stock/barcodes/external-lookup/{barcode} did not work, because the barcode argument was expected as a route argument but the route was missing it (thanks @Mikhail5555 and @beetle442002)
  • Fixed the response type description of the /stock/volatile endpoint

General & other improvements/fixes

  • It's now possible to keep the screen on always or when a "fullscreen-card" (e. g. used for recipes) is displayed
    • New user options in the display settings menu in the top right corner (defaults to disabled)
  • Slightly optimized table loading & search performance (thanks @lwis)
  • Added that the currently active sidebar menu item is always in view
  • Reordered the sidebar menu items a little bit, grouped them by borders and made them a little smaller to waste less space
  • Changed/removed some animations (and replaced jQuery UI by Animate.css) to improve responsiveness
  • Fixed that also the first column (where in most tables only buttons/menus are displayed) in tables was searched when using the general search field
  • Fixed that the meal plan menu entry (sidebar) was not visible when the calendar was disabled (FEATURE_FLAG_CALENDAR) (thanks @lwis)
  • For integration: If a GET parameter closeAfterCreation is passed to the product edit page, the window will be closed on save (due to Browser restrictions, this only works when the window was opened from JavaScript) (thanks @Forceu)
  • Fixed that the file had wrong line endings (DOS instead of Unix)
  • Internal change: Demo mode is now handled via the setting MODE instead of checking the existence of the file data/demo.txt
  • There is now a RSS feed for the changelog, subscribe to get notified about new releases:
  • New translations: (thanks all the translators)

Stock fixes

  • Fixed that product specific quantity unit conversions (product overrides) were also displayed on the product edit page of other products with the same stock quantity unit

Recipe fixes

  • Fixed that recipes were displayed without ingredients if the total recipe count was > 100

Shopping list improvements

  • Added a new sub feature flag FEATURE_FLAG_SHOPPINGLIST_MULTIPLE_LISTS to disable multiple shopping lists if you only need one (defaults to true, so no changed behavior when not configured)

Chores improvements

  • Added a new period type "yearly" (for yearly schedules)
  • Added a "period interval" option per chore to have more flexible schedules (possible for the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly schedules, means "schedule this chore only every x days/weeks/months" to have for example biweekly schedules)

General & other improvements

  • New Input shorthands for date fields to increase/decrease the date by 1 month/year (shift + arrow keys, see the full list here)

Stock improvements/fixes

  • Fixed that barcode lookups now compare the whole barcode, not parts of it (e. g. when you have two products with the barcodes $1 and $10 and scan $1 maybe the product of $10 was found till now)
  • Fixed that the "X products are already expired" count on the stock overview page was wrong
  • Fixed that after product actions (consume/purchase/etc.) on the stock overview page the highlighting of the row was maybe wrong
  • After product actions (consume/purchase/etc.) on the stock overview page on a sub product, now also the parent product (row) is refreshed
  • It's now possible to accumulate min. stock amounts on parent product level (new option per product, means the sub product will never be "missing" then, only the parent product)
  • On the purchase page there is now an option to select that the price is the total price (for the whole amount) - below the price field, defaults to "Unit price" (as it was until now), when set to "Total price", the entered price will be divided by the amount before posting
  • "Average shelf life" on the product card now displays just "Unlimited" when the resulting value would be > 200 years (for products which never expire, as they have a best before date of 2999-12-31)

Shopping list improvements

  • When adding a product to the shopping list from the new context/more menu from the stock overview page and if the product is already on the shopping list, the amount of that entry will be updated acccordingly instead of adding a new (double) shopping list item
  • Added a "clear" button above the new notes field on the shopping list page to quickly clear the notes field with one click

Recipe improvements/fixes

  • Fixed a problem regarding quantity unit conversion handling for recipe ingredients of products with no unit relations, but only a different purchase/stock quantity unit
  • It's now possible to display a recipe directly from the meal plan (new "eye button") (thanks @kriddles)
  • Improved the responsiveness of the meal plan and calendar page by automatically switching to a day calendar view on smaller screens (thanks for the idea @kriddles)

Chores improvements

  • There is now a new sub feature flag FEATURE_FLAG_CHORES_ASSIGNMENTS to disable chore assignments if you don't need them (defaults to true, so no changed behavior when not configured)

Calendar improvements

  • The calendar now also contains all planned recipes from the meal plan on the corresponding day
  • Improved that dates in the iCal calendar export now include the server timezone

Custom lists/fields improvements

  • Optimized the custom lists page that it can be printed properly (search field etc. is hidden when printing the page)

General & other improvements/fixes

  • Fixed that the browser barcode scanner button was not clickable on iOS Safari & other small styles fixes/improvements for iOS Safari (thanks @DeeeeLAN)
  • It's now also possible to set the meal plan page as the default/entry page (config.php setting ENTRY_PAGE) (thanks @lwis)
  • Some UI detail-refinements
  • In the header of the product-/chore-/battery-card there is now also a button to directly jump to the journal of the current product/chore/battery

API improvements/fixes

  • The API Endpoint GET /files/{group}/{fileName} now also returns a Cache-Control header (defaults fixed to 30 days) to further increase page load times
  • Fixed that the API endpoint /stock/shoppinglist/add-product failed when a product should be added which was not already on the shopping list (thanks @Forceu)

New feature: Custom entities / objects / lists

  • Custom entities are based on Userfields and can be used to add any custom lists you want to have in grocy
  • They can have an own menu entry in the sidebar
  • => See "Manage master data" -> "Userentities" or try it on the demo:

New feature: Use the device camera for barcode scanning

  • Available on any barcode-enabled field (so currently only for picking products) - a new camera button at the right of side the text field
  • Implemented using QuaggaJS - camera stream processing happens totally offline / client-side
  • Please note due to browser security restrictions, this only works when serving grocy via a secure connection (https://)
  • There is also a config.php setting DISABLE_BROWSER_BARCODE_CAMERA_SCANNING to disable this, if you don't need it at all (defaults to false)
  • I you have problems that barcodes are not recognized properly, there is a little "barcode scanner testing page" at /barcodescannertesting
  • => Quick video demo:

Stock improvements/fixes

  • Products can now have variations (nested products)
    • Define the parent product for a product on the product edit page (only one level is possible, means a product which is used as a parent product in another product, cannot have a parent product itself)
    • Parent and sub products can have stock (both are regular products, no difference from that side)
    • On the stock overview page, the aggregated amount is displayed next to the amount (sigma sign)
    • When a recipe needs a parent product, the need is also fulfilled when enough sub product(s) are in stock
  • Quantity units can now be linked (related measurements / unit conversion)
    • On the quantity unit edit page default conversion can be defined for each unit
    • Products "inherit" the default conversion and additionally can have their own / override the default ones
  • It's now possible to print a "Location Content Sheet" with the current stock per location - new button at the top of the stock overview page (thought to hang it at the location, note used amounts on paper and track it in grocy later)
  • Stock overview page improvements
    • Options in the more/context-menu to directly open the purchase/consume/inventory pages prefilled with the current product in a popup/dialog
    • Option in the more/context-menu to add the current product directly to a shopping list
    • Option in the more/context-menu to search for recipes containing the current product
    • It's now possible to undo stock bookings ("Undo"-button in the success message, like it was already possible on the purchase/consume/inventory pages)
    • Improved that on any stock changes the corresponding product table row is properly refreshed
  • New config.php setting FEATURE_SETTING_STOCK_COUNT_OPENED_PRODUCTS_AGAINST_MINIMUM_STOCK_AMOUNT to configure if opened products should be considered for minimum stock amounts (defaults to true, so opened products will now be considered missing by default - please change this setting if you want the old behavior)
  • The product description now can have formattings (HTML/WYSIWYG editor like for recipes)
  • Products now have a new field for calories (kcal, per stock quantity unit)
  • "Factor purchase to stock quantity unit" (product option) can now also be a decimal number when "Allow partial units in stock" is enabled
  • New "Sub feature flags" in config.php to disable some sub-features (hide the corresponding UI elements) if you don't need them (all new feature flags default to true, so no changed behavior when not configured)
    • FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_PRICE_TRACKING to disable product price tracking
    • FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_LOCATION_TRACKING to disable product location tracking
    • FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_BEST_BEFORE_DATE_TRACKING to disable product best before date tracking
    • FEATURE_FLAG_STOCK_PRODUCT_OPENED_TRACKING to disable product opened tracking
  • Fixed/refined some things regarding purchase/consume/inventory of products with enabled tare weight handling (nothing was broken, but the success popups may not displayed the correct amount that was posted)
  • Fixed that "Spoil rate" and "Average shelf life" on the product card was wrong in most cases
  • When going to the product edit page, after saving the product, it will now always return to the previous page

Shopping list improvements

  • Shopping lists now have a notes field (HTML/WYSIWYG editor, just to save some notes per shopping list)
  • Shopping lists can now be printed (new button next to the add/delete shopping list button)

Recipe improvements

  • Based on the new linked quantity units, recipe ingredients can now use any product related unit, the amount is calculated according to the conversion factor of the unit relation
  • Based on the new calories field per product, the calories per recipe are now shown based on the selected servings (in the header, next to the costs)
  • New option "price factor" per recipe ingredient (defaults to 1) - the resulting costs of the recipe ingredient will be multiplied by that factor
    • Use this for example for spices in combination with "Only check if a single unit is in stock" to not take the full price of a pack of pepper into account for a recipe
  • The search field on the recipe overview page now also searches for product names of recipe ingredients (means it's possible to search a recipe by a product name)
  • Fixed a problem where the meal plan did not load when a recipe, which was already added to the meal plan, was deleted

Chores improvements

  • Chores can now be assigned to users
    • Option per chore, different "assignment types" like "Random", "Who least did first", etc.
    • On the chores overview page, the list can be filtered to only show chores assigned to the currently logged in user (or to any other user)
  • New option "Due date rollover" per chore which means the chore can never be overdue, the due date will shift forward each day when due
  • New option "Consume product on chore execution" per chore to automatically consume a product when a chore execution is tracked
  • When tracking an execution from the chores overview page, filters are re-applied afterwards (means when you have filtered the page to only show overdue chores and after the execution the chore is not overdue anymore, it will now be immediately hidden)

Equipment improvements/fixes

  • Fixed that the delete button not always deleted the currently selected equipment item

Userfield improvements/fixes

  • New Userfield type "Select list" for a list of predefined values where a single or also multiple values can then be selected on the entity object
  • New Userfield type "Link" - a single-line-textbox where the content will be rendered as a clickable link
  • Userfields of type "checkbox" are rendered as a checkmark in tables when checked (instead of "1" as till now)
  • Product Userfields are now also rendered on the shopping list (for items which have a product referenced)
  • Fixed that the Userfield type "Preset list" had always the caption "Product group" instead of the configured one (thanks @oncleben31)

General & other improvements/fixes

  • Added a new config.php setting CALENDAR_SHOW_WEEK_OF_YEAR to configure if calendars should show week numbers (defaults to true)
  • Fixed that date/time pickers not considered the config.php setting CALENDAR_FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK
  • Improved the handling which entry page to use with disabled feature flags (thanks @nielstholenaar)
  • Boolean settings provided via environment variables (so the strings true and false) are now parsed correctly (thanks @mduret)
  • All uploaded pictures (currently for products and recipes) are now automatically downscaled to the appropriate size when serving them to improve page load times (this requires the php-gd extension, if not installed, images will not be downscaled)
  • It's now possible to test plural forms of quantity units (button on the quantity unit edit page, only visible if the current language requires more than 2 plural forms)
  • On the login page the sidebar an all top-navbar menus is now hidden
  • New translations: (thanks all the translators)
  • Internal change for how the localizations for the demo instances are handled
    • For the pre-release demo now all currently supported languages are available (was already the case for the stable demo)
      • Additionally all language files which reached the completion limit of 80 % will now be automatically pulled from Transifex 10 minutes past every hour (to have a kind of instant preview of changed translations)
    • The URLs have changed, I'll try to keep all existing URLs redirecting properly for a long time

API improvements & non-breaking changes

  • New endpoint /objects/{entity}/search/{searchString} to search for objects by name (contains search)
  • New endpoint /stock/shoppinglist/add-product to add a product to a shopping list (thanks @Forceu)
  • New endpoint /stock/shoppinglist/remove-product to remove a product from a shopping list (thanks @Forceu)
  • New endpoint /chores/executions/calculate-next-assignments to (re)calculate next user assignments for a single or all chores
  • New endpoint /stock/products/by-barcode/{barcode}/add to add a product to stock by its barcode
  • New endpoint /stock/products/by-barcode/{barcode}/consume to remove a product to stock by its barcode
  • New endpoint /stock/products/by-barcode/{barcode}/inventory to inventory a product by its barcode
  • New endpoint /stock/products/by-barcode/{barcode}/open to mark a product as opened by its barcode
  • New endpoint /stock/bookings/{bookingId} to retrieve a single stock booking
  • Endpoint GET /files/{group}/{fileName} can now also downscale pictures (see API documentation on /api)
  • When adding a product (through stock/product/{productId}/add or stock/product/{productId}/inventory) with omitted best before date and if the given product has "Default best before days" set, the best before date is calculated based on that (so far always today was used which is still the case when no date is supplied and also the product has no "Default best before days set) (thanks @Forceu)
  • Field stock_amount of endpoint /stock/products/{productId} now returns 0 instead of null when the given product is not in stock (thanks @Forceu)
  • Fixed that /system/db-changed-time always returned the current time (more or less) due to that that time is the database file modification time and the database is effectively changed on each request because of session information tracking - which now explicitly does not change the database file modification time, so this should work again to determine if any data changes happened
  • It's now also possible to provide the API key via a query parameter (same name as the header, so GROCY-API-KEY)

Say thanks

Because there were some questions about that in the past: If grocy is useful for you, say thanks!

  • Fixed that price data (last price & chart) was not taken from inventory correction bookings, only purchases
  • Fixed weekly chores were scheduled on the same day after execution
  • Fixed that undone chores were also included in "Last tracked"
  • Fixed the date-time-picker width was too narrow sometimes
  • Improved that execution dates of "Track date only" chores will never display the time part
  • Improved date display for products that never expire (again, there was a display problem after consuming an item on the stock overview page)
  • Fixed the messed up message/toast after consuming a product from the stock overview page
  • Fixed that "Track date only" chores were always tracked today, regardless of the given date
  • Fixed that the "week costs" were wrong after removing a meal plan entry
  • Fixed wrong recipes costs calculation with nested recipes when the base recipe servings are > 1 (also affected the meal plan when adding such a recipe there)
  • Fixed consuming recipes did not consume ingredients of the nested recipes
  • Improved recipes API - added new endpoints to get stock fulfillment information (thanks @Aerex)
  • Improved date display for products that never expires (instead of "2999-12-31" now just "Never" will be shown)
  • Improved date display for dates of today and no time (instead of the hours since midnight now just "Today" will be shown)
  • Improved shopping list handling
    • Items can now be switched between lists (there is a shopping list dropdown on the item edit page)
    • Items can now be marked as "done" (new check mark button per item, when clicked, the item will be displayed greyed out, when clicked again the item will be displayed normally again)
  • Improved that products can now also be consumed as spoiled from the stock overview page (option in the more/context menu per line)
  • Added a "consume this recipe"-button to the meal plan (and also a button to consume all recipes for a whole week)
  • Added the possibility to undo a task (new button per task, only visible when task is already completed) and also a corresponding API endpoint
  • Added a new config.php setting DISABLE_AUTH to be able to disable authentication / the login screen, defaults to false
  • Added a new config.php setting CALENDAR_FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK to be able to change the first day of a week used for calendar views (meal plan for example) in the frontend, defaults to locale default
  • Fixed that deleting meal plan entries did not work
  • Fixed a problem that the user settings were not properly initialized for the frontend JS part when not logged only (so potentially affected only the login page)
  • Fixed an issue that the shopping list did not load when a plural translation for a quantity unit was missing
  • Fixed that tooltips were visible forever when consuming all products on the stock overview page
  • Fixed that login did not work when "Stay logged in permanently" was set and grocy runs on a 32-bit system (thanks @matejdro)
  • Fixed page reloads when "Auto reload on external changes" is enabled and there is unsaved form data (the detection did not work for forms in modal dialogs, e. g. when adding a entry to the meal plan)
  • Fixed (again) that the product picker did not work properly when the product name contains single quotes
  • Fixed that a entered barcode on the product edit page was only saved when "adding" it to the barcodes list by pressing TAB (is now automatically added to the list also when just leaving the field)
  • Improved that errors/messages from the API are shown properly when undoing a stock booking is not possible (stock journal page)
  • Improved night mode CSS (done by @BlizzWave, thanks!)
  • A new localization for en_GB is now always included - nothing is really translated there, it's only about component "translations" that e. g. the first day of the week is correct for calendars
  • Fixed a performance problem for loading data tables related to the new Userfields feature
  • Fixed that when using single quotes in a product name did not trigger the workflow popup
  • New feature: Userfields
    • Attach any custom field to any entity (Products, Locations, Euqipment, etc.)
    • Userfields can have types (Text, Number, Date, etc.)
    • Will be shown / can be filled on the edit page of the corresponding entity and will also optionally show in the corresponding tables (inclcudes overview pages)
    • => Can be configured under Master data / Userfields
  • New feature: Meal planning
    • Simple approach for the beginning (more to come): A week view where you can add recipes for each day (new menu entry in the sidebar, below calendar)
    • Of course it's also possible to put missing things directly on the shopping list from there, also for a complete week at once
  • General improvements
    • The "expires soon" or "due soon" days (yelllow bar at the top of each overview page) can now be configured
      • => New settings page for each area under the settings icon at the top right
  • Stock improvements
    • It's now possible to have multiple / named shopping lists
      • Automations still use the default shopping list and also the default shopping list cannot be deleted
    • More information on the product card like "Spoil rate" or "Average shelf life"
    • It's now possible to set a price for added products during inventory
    • It's now possible to customize the default amount for purchase/consume (see stock settings under the settings icon on the top right)
  • Chores improvements
    • New recurrence patterns - chores can now also be "scheduled" to repat daily/weekly/monthly
    • It's now possible to track the day of a chore execution only (without the time, option per chore)
  • Recipe improvements
    • It's now possible to enter a "variable amount" (e. g. if a recipe needs "1 - 2 cups"), the original amount is still used for stock fulfillment checking (if enabled for that recipe ingredient)
  • New translations: (thanks all the translators)
  • Internal improvement: Localizations are now handled via gettext, both on server and client side
    • Mainly to properly handle languages with more than 2 plural forms
    • This involved some string changes which results in a needed (re)translation of about 20 strings (excluding demo data)
    • Also applies to quantity units, n-plural forms can be entered on the quantity unit edit page
    • It's not required to install the PHP gettext extension, on both, server and client, managed implementations of gettext are used (oscarotero/Gettext & oscarotero/gettext-translator)
  • Some other small fixes and improvements
    • The "Add as barcode to existing product" productpicker workflow failed to add the barcode to the given product
    • Recipes can now be filter by stock availability
    • Added a feature flag (config.php setting) to also be able to hide all stock related UI elements and routes
  • Stock improvements
    • A different location can now also be set during inventory (as for purchases)
    • A partial minimum stock amount can now be set when "Allow partial units in stock" is enabled (product option)
  • Recipe improvements
    • There is now a default per product for "Disable stock fulfillment checking for this ingredient" (ingredient option, default can be defined as a product option)
  • Some small UI fixes & improvements
    • THe "Mark as open" button on the stock overview page was disabled when the current stock amount was exactly 1
    • The number in the "x products expiring within the next 5 days" badge was incorrect for products expiring exactly in 5 days
    • On the product groups page there is now a new column which displays the product count per group (+ a link to the products page filtered by that product group)
    • Added a message to clarify that in product dropdowns also something unknown can be entered to start a workflow
    • Some other small CSS fixes (context menus were not fully displayed when the parent container was to small, improved padding for text inputs)
  • As always: Updated translations (thanks all the translators)

Self promotion

grocy-desktop is now also available through the Microsoft Store

Get it from Microsoft

  • New API method to get a product by its barcode (/stock/products/by-barcode/{barcode}, thanks @matejdro)
  • The best before date on the purchase and inventory page can now also be today or earlier, but when so, a short hint is displayed
  • Fixed some UI bugs
    • When consuming a product with "Allow partial units in stock" enabled from the stock overview page, the displayed amount after the stock booking was wrong
    • The inventory form was not validated with certain click paths
  • Some small UI fixes & improvements
    • Recipe ingredient notes were not displayed
    • Edit/delete buttons on the equipment page had no icons
    • Improved the overview pages "action buttons column" (e. g. hide more rarely used actions behind a context/dropdown menu)
    • The "purchase to stock conversion factor" is now displayed on the purchase page when QU units are different (above the amount field)
    • Some JS files were not loaded correctly on case sensitive file systems
    • The changelog is now included as markdown files (in /changelog directory, one file per release with a filename in format <ReleaseNumber>_<Version>_<ReleaseDateIso>.md) and shown in the about dialog
    • Please review your CURRENCY setting in data/config.php, see also config-dist.php - this should be the ISO 4217 code of the currency to properly work with the JS toLocaleString function
  • New translation: (thanks all the translators)
  • Breaking change: The API has been completely reworked, please review the documentation before updating when you are using the API
  • New feature: Tare weight handling
    • An option per product
    • Imagine this: You have flour in jars, the jar weighs 500 grams, currently there are 1000 grams in stock, the new weight including the jar is 1100 grams - grocy can now calculate the used amount on consume/purchase/inventory automatically, you only have to enter the weighed amount including the jar (demo product to showcase this "Flour")
  • Recipe improvements
    • Recipes are now scalable - define per recipe for how much servings it is, change the desired servings on the fly when the recipe is displayed, ingredient amounts are scaled accordingly
    • The cost of a recipe is now displayed based on the last purchase price per ingredient (recipe scaling also applies)
    • When putting all missing recipe ingredients on the shopping list, it is now possible to ignore certain ingredients (in the popup when clicking the "Put missing items on shopping list" button)
    • A new option per recipe to not check against the amount already on the shopping list when putting all missing ingredients on it (by default, only the amount not already on the shopping list is added, when this is enabled, always the whole missing amount will be put on the shopping list)
    • On consume, there can now be tracked for which recipe it was, this is also tracked automatically when using the "Consume all ingredients needed by this recipe" button (for future statistical purposes)
    • Recipes can now have pictures
    • New "gallery view" for recipes (demo available at
  • Stock improvements
    • It is now optionally possible to have partial units in stock (option per product)
    • On purchase, a different location can now be assigned (imagine you have two freezers, by default you store your pizza there, but sometimes there)
  • New translations: (thanks all the translators)
  • Other improvements
    • The calendar can now be shared/integrated in iCal format (button in the header on the calendar page)
    • Added feature flags to hide/disable certain parts of grocy when you don't use them (for example hide "Chores" and all related UI elements, when you don't use it, see config-dist.php)
    • Added a "Apple Touch Icon" and a "Web App Manifest" which should improve grocy on mobile devices and also enables "Add to Home screen" on major mobile browsers
    • A lot of other minor small and bigger UI improvements
  • Fixed a SQL error during database migration when using SQLite >= 3.25.2
  • Improved data tables loading time
  • Location edit form did not work (master data)
  • Quantity unit "purchase to stock factor" was not respected when putting a recipe on the shopping list or when comparing the already on the shopping list amount
  • Better API response for POST routes when there is no or invalid JSON request body content
  • All config.php settings can now also be set via environment variables (for grocy-docker)
  • Added a skip button when adding all shopping list items in "Shopping list to stock workflow"
  • Fixed some minor UI related bugs
  • New feature: "Shopping list to stock workflow"
    • Add a single shopping list item or all at once to stock directly from the shopping list
    • There are new "stock settings" under settings menu in the top right corner
    • You can enable there, that all products which have "Default best before days" set, are added without confirmation in this workflow
    • => This means, you can add the whole shopping list to stock with one click, if you want
  • Improved stock handling
    • On consume, a specific stock item can now be picked
    • A stock item can now be marked as "opened" (on the consume page or directly from stock overview, visible in the product card and on the stock overview page)
  • New feature: Calendar
    • Shows all upcoming product expirations, due chores, due tasks and due battery charge cycles
  • New translation: French (thanks all the translators)
  • Small other improvements
    • Allow fraction numbers for recipe ingredients when not checked against stock and add an option to not check stock for a recipe position
    • The current time can now be shown in the header (see the settings menu next to the user icon)
  • Changed: Docker related things are now in a separate repository:
  • Changed: Translations are now managed with Transifex:
  • Added a journal for stock bookings, chore executions and battery charge cycles
    • => Button in each line on the overview pages or the "Journal" button next to the headline on every overview page
  • Added the possibility to undo any stock booking, chore execution and battery charge cycle
    • => Button in the success popup while booking a purchase/consume/etc. or on the new journal pages (see above)
  • Presets for new products are now configurable
    • => "Presets for new products" button next to the headline on the products list page
  • Recipes can now be nested (include a recipe into another one)
  • Recipe ingredients can now be grouped together which will result in headlines per group in the rendered recipe
    • => Group can be set on the recipe position edit page, demo recipe is "Pizza")
  • On the stock overview page, the product card is now shown when clicking the product name
  • Added option to filter by product group on stock overview page
  • When auto reloading on external changes is enabled, the page is not reloaded when there is a fullscreen card active (recipe/equipment instruction manual)
  • On the product-/chore-/batterycard there is now a link to the edit page of the corresponding item
  • Some other minor bug fixes
  • New feature: Equipment
    • Manage all your household equipment/devices in one place and have the information/instruction manual at hand when needed
  • New feature: Products can now have pictures
    • Add them in the product edit page
    • Will be shown in the productcard (purchase/consume/etc. pages) and when you click the product name on the stock overview page (a little image icon next to the product name indicates if the product has an image)
  • Recipes and the new equipment edit page now have a little editor with text formatting capabilities
  • New optional "Night Mode" (thanks a lot @BlizzWave, can also be activated automatically by a time range - see the new dropdown menu next to the user menu)
  • Docker support (thanks @talmai)
  • Fixed some minor UI bugs
  • Important bug fix: All forms were submitted twice when using ENTER instead of the OK/Save button
  • Norwegian translation updates (thanks @BlizzWave )
  • The colored info bars on top of all (overview)pages can now be clicked to filter the table accordingly
  • Fixed some minor mostly UI related bugs
  • New feature: Tasks / To-do list
  • Renamed habits to chores as this is more what it is about
  • Products can now be organized in product groups, this group is also used to group the items on the shopping list (you can use this to optimize your way in the supermarket for example)
  • Added an option to stay logged in permanently (checkbox on the login page)
  • When the database was changed externally, the current page is automatically reloaded when there was no input for at least 50 seconds
  • Fixed some minor UI bugs
  • Some smaller UI bug fixes and enhancements (thanks again for all the testing @BlizzWave)
  • The complete row is now refreshed on changes on all overview pages
  • Added a checkbox to set the "never expires date" in best before date inputs (alternative to shortcut "x")
  • Recipes can now have arbitrary quantity units and stock is only checked for one unit then (imagine you have sugar in "Packs" in stock but your recipe "Pancakes" needs 200 grams)
  • Added a "consume this recipe button" to remove all ingredients of a recipe from stock with one click
  • Other small UI changes/improvements
  • Basic product price tracking (can be entered on purchase, a little price history chart is shown in the product card - right side on purchase/consume/etc. pages)
  • Proper pluralization of everything (for quantity units you can enter the plural form in master data)
  • On all overview pages the statistics shown in the header are now updated when doing changes directly on the page (e. g. consuming a product)
  • Lots of small fixes and improvements (form validation, translations - thanks for keeping the norwegian translation always updated @BlizzWave, other small bugs)
  • Replaced the single user (so far defined in /data/config.php) with a multi-user management
    • The currently defined user will automatically be migrated, please remove HTTP_USER and HTTP_PASSWORD from your config file afterwards
    • For this it was necessary to delete all sessions and API keys during the migration
  • Added an update script (/ to make updates (on Linux machines) easier
  • Added the possibility to track who did a habit
  • Added a rudimentary habit analysis possibility
  • Different small UI, code and translation improvements
  • New related project: grocy-desktop
  • New datepicker shorthands and improvements
    • YYYYMMe or YYYYMM+ gets expanded to the end of the given month in the given year in proper notation
    • Changed: MMDD will be expanded to the given day next year if > today
    • see README
  • Some other small bug fixes
  • New feature: Recipes
    • Organize a list of products, amounts and a description into recipes and see at a glance if everything needed is in stock or put the missing things with one click on the shopping list
    • Try it live on the demo page: =>
  • Added norwegian translation (thanks @BlizzWave)
  • A lot of small UI improvements
    • Columns in tables can now be reordered
    • Show a calendar on the shopping list page (useful, at least for me)
    • Table column ordering and sorting is now remembered
    • Sidebar collapse state is now remembered
    • Fixed datetimepicker border
    • Keep the parent sidebar menu item expanded if the active page is a sub menu item
  • Custom JS/CSS file names have changed see README

This was released shortly after the last release to fix a small regression bug, original changes from Version 1.13.0:

  • Upgraded Bootstrap and some other dependencies (grocy now looks even better!)
  • Added Italian translation (thanks @davidoskky)
  • Upgraded Bootstrap and some other dependencies (grocy now looks even better!)
  • Added Italian translation (thanks @davidoskky)
  • Bug fix for location filtering on stock overview page did not work in all browsers
  • On the stockoverview it's now possible to filter the products by location
  • All dropdowns are now sorted alphabetically
  • Added an option to not use URL rewriting (for webservers which, however, don't support URL rewriting)
  • It's now possible to consume products directly from stock overview with one click
  • Added due/overdue info on bateries- and habits overview (like on stock overview)
  • Reworked general page layout and improved responsiveness (see #9 and thanks @d-Rickyy-b)
  • Translations fixes
  • Added a plugin system for looking up products against external services by barcode, see #6 for reference
  • Added validation of all API requests and improved Swagger/OpenAPI description
  • Documented the REST API and data model, see the integrated instance of Swagger UI at /api
  • Fixed login form didn't respect the configured BASE_URL
  • New configuration option "BASE_URL" to define base installation URL (should make subdirectory installations possible, see #3)
  • Added some missing translations
  • grocy is now fully localizable and ships by default with English and German translations
  • Allow to add anything to the shopping list, not only products
  • Major project refactoring
  • Improved sidebar responsiveness
  • New feature: Rechargeable battery management
  • Improved productivity of input forms
  • New feature: Habit tracking
  • Fixed an issue which prevented that the databse is correctly created on unix systems
  • Added a login screen and switched to cookie/session based authentication instead of HTTP-basic-auth
  • Added a favicon and more productivity improvements
  • Added a flow to add a new product with prefilled barcode
  • New feature: Shopping list (which is also automatically filled based on defined min. stock amount)
  • Small UI changes for better productivity
  • Added flow to directly add products and barcodes from purchase and inventory view
  • Add possibility to have multiple barcodes per product
  • Form validation and barcode input handling improvements
  • General improvements, the work goes on...
  • Basic features, mainly about a interface to record grocery purchases and consumptions