ERP beyond your fridge

Grocy is a web-based self-hosted groceries & household management solution for your home.

Open Source. Built with passion.

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Current version: 4.2.0 (released on 03/15/2024)

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Getting in touch

Connect with other Grocy users via the subreddit or report something that does not work / new ideas in the GitHub issue tracker.

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Add-ons / Tools / Guides

Community contributed tools, integrations, install/troubleshooting guides and other useful Add-ons to make Grocy even better and more productive.

Community contributed Add-ons and other tools Community contributed help and other guides

Grocy purchase tracking form

Track your purchases

A barcode reader ready interface makes this a easy and quick task and you always know what you currently have at home.

It's also possible to scan barcodes directly in the web browser using the device camera ( Quick video demo).

Grocy browser barcode scanning

Grocy shopping list

Automate & optimize your shopping list

Define minimum stock amounts of your loved products and never think about "do I need noodles or are there enough at home?".

Group products by assortments to optimize your way in the supermarket - never jump from one end to the other again and again.

Grocy stock overview

Waste less

Always know what's due next.

Grocy input productivity

Input forms made for productivity

One hand, 3 seconds, no problem - errors impossible.

Grocy recipes list

Recipes with intelligence

Maintain your recipes and see at a glance whether everything you need is in stock at home. Of course, everything that is not available can also be automatically added to the shopping list.

Grocy recipe detail

Cookbook is so 2016

Recipes clear and concise.

Grocy meal planning

Meal planning like a Pro

Plan your daily meals based on your recipes and put everything needed and not at home with one click on the shopping list.

Grocy equipment overview

Manage your household equipment/devices

Keep all the instruction manuals and important information about your devices in one place to have them at hand when needed.

Grocy household chores overview

Track your household chores

Think less about "oh, when have I done last..." and stay organized easier.

Grocy tasks overview

Keep track of your tasks

Just another to do list.
How I (and maybe also you) like it.

Grocy batteries overview

Manage your batteries

Nowadays we have countless batteries in our home. Keep them in a good shape by knowing when you charged them last.

Grocy user defined fields/objects/lists

Custom fields/objects/lists

To any entity (like products or chores) any custom fields can be attached. Ultimately, you can create completely own objects/lists to keep track of everything in one place.

Grocy in night mode

Night mode (of course)

Night mode is automatically used when your device prefers that by default and can be alternatively also activated automatically when the sun sets (configurable time range).

Grocy shopping list on a smartphone

Made for every device

Whether on a smartphone or any other device, only a browser is needed - e.g. install any low-cost-low-power device in your kitchen and you have a very comfortable 24/7 Grocy terminal.

Grocy terminal in the kitchen

Integration and customization

A (RESTful) API for everything, see the integrated Swagger UI on /api.

Feature flags to disable/hide things you don't need (e.g. hide chores, everything related to price tracking, etc.).

Custom CSS and JS to ultimately customize everything down to the smallest detail.

And so much more

Grocy is constantly evolving and daily used by me and many others.

When you miss something, feel free to open a feature request on GitHub - maybe it will be added within hours, because your ideas are my motivation. :)

Say thanks

Grocy is one of my hobbies and I enjoy working on it. But since it is a hobby, development depends on (my) free time and desire - means it can sometimes take a while.

So contributing to the project would be the thing which helps Grocy most.

This doesn't have to be code - creating documentation / tutorials for Grocy, helping translate Grocy into your language (can be done on Transifex) or helping spread the word (e.g. by writing an article about it) is just as helpful.

If you still want to say thanks by inviting me for a coffee, a beer or a pizza instead, you're welcome to do so - here are some options:

Thank you!