ERP beyond your fridge

grocy is a web-based self-hosted groceries & household management solution for your home.

Open Source. Built with passion.

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A webserver with PHP 7.2 and SQLite (PDO) extension is required.
Currently available localizations: English, German, French, Norwegian and Italian

grocy Dashboard

grocy-desktop New

Run grocy without having to manage a webserver, just like a normal (windows) desktop application.

Download Source on GitHub

.Net Framework required (normally already available on any Windows PC), grocy-desktop auto configures and manages a local PHP server and grocy - just execute the installer and you are ready.

grocy purchase tracking form

Track your purchases

A barcode reader ready interface makes this a easy and quick task and you always know what you currently have at home.

grocy shopping list

Automate & optimize your shopping list

Define minimum stock amounts of your loved products and never think about "do I need noodles or are there enough at home?".

Group products by assortments to optimize your way in the supermarket - never jump from one end to the other again and again.

grocy stock overview

Waste less

Always know what's expiring next.

grocy input productivity

Input forms made for productivity

One hand, 3 seconds, no problem - errors impossible.

grocy recipes list

Recipes with intelligence

Maintain your recipes and see at a glance whether everything you need is in stock at home. Of course, everything that is not available can also be automatically added to the shopping list.

grocy recipe detail

Cookbook is so 2016

Recipes clear and concise.

grocy equipment overview

Manage your household equipment/devices

Keep all the instruction manuals and important information about your devices in one place to have them at hand when needed.

grocy household chores overview

Track your household chores

Think less about "oh, when have I done last..." and stay organized easier.

grocy tasks overview

Keep track of your tasks

Just another to do list.
How I (and maybe also you) like it.

grocy batteries overview

Manage your batteries

Use rechargable batteries for everything to protect our environment and keep them in a good shape by knowing when you charged them last.

grocy in night mode

Night mode included

Because we all love the eye friendly dark side which is perfect at night. Of course night mode can be also activated automatically when the sun sets (configurable time range).

grocy shopping list on a smartphone

Made for every device

Whether on a smartphone or any other device, only a browser is needed - e. g. install any low-cost-low-power device in your kitchen and you have a very comfortable 24/7 grocy terminal.

grocy terminal in the kitchen

And so much more

grocy is constantly evolving and daily used by me and many others.

When you miss something, feel free to open a feature request on GitHub - maybe it will be added within hours, because your ideas are my motivation. :)